Friday, November 13, 2015

I Won!!

I won the contest at pretty paper pretty ribbons blog!  It was a random choice, and I had 3 entries our of 6 or 7, so odds were good.  I will get a $20 gift certificate to the store!!!  This is fun!  Now to decide what to spend on.....I want it all LOL!

By the way, I'm healing up.  The swelling went down and I was yellow for a time beccause of bruises, but now the bruises are healing, and I'm looking more like myself. This was also the 2nd week of the Gotta Pixel Master Scrapper Challenge....and boy was it a challenge!  We had to use eight papers, and ten types of extras....can't remember what they are called at the moment.  I am more of a it was very hard for me, plus I am still healing from surgery.  This was my 2nd entry, out of 4 total:

Lisa ♥

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